ARUN and Sustainability

At ARUN, ethical production and sustainability are matters that are close to our hearts.
Although we are a small business, we strive to minimize our environmental footprint in
every stage in our business cycle, and try to make conscious choices every day in our
journey as a brand.

Our Approach

We believe good things are made to last— so we strive to reflect that in our designs.

By embracing simplicity and perfecting original designs that does not follow fleeting trends,
we aim to create sustainable swimwear and clothing that can compliment women for years
and be loved season after season.

We also avoid large-scale or seasonal collection releases and restock products only when
sold out, to prevent any of our cherished pieces from going to waste.

Furthermore, to ensure ethical production, all of our bikinis and garments are
manufactured in local family-owned factories in Bali where each of the pieces are made
carefully by hand.

It brings us joy to conduct fair business in an environment where we know the faces of
everyone we work with!


For our materials we prioritize the use of durable, certified sustainable fabrics like Amni
Soul Eco
, the first biodegradable polyamide 6.6 yarn in the world, and Eco Rib, made of
Repreve fiber from recycled plastic bottles, for the majority of our swimwear.

We also only use natural materials like cotton, linen, and bamboo fabrics for our
beachwear pieces. Not only are they sustainable, we believe products using natural fibers
are more breathable and we can bring more comfort to you that way.

Packaging is not forgotten either—instead of plastic, all of the ARUN pieces will be
delivered wrapped up in our original cotton tote bags that can be repurposed as mini
beach bags or in any way you choose!

While there may be room for updates along the way, we are committed to keep doing as
much as we can to offer stylish, ethical, and eco-friendly fashion choices to customers and
protect the health of the oceans and nature that we love so much.

Together, we can make a meaningful impact—and hope you can take part in the journey!

With Love,