About ARUN

At ARUN, we work towards making high-impact fashion designs meet minimum environmental impact on our planet, reducing our footprint throughout the whole cycle of production. We pledge to concentrate on the value of fair local production – our pieces are mostly designed & handmade in the Island of Bali, using Biodegradable lycra from Brazil in few of our swims!

Our designs have a Brazilian-inspired touch – curved cuts to accentuate and compliment the woman’s body, to feel flawless and carefree in any size. 

We have different designs for all types of occasions: small coverage and cheeky bikinis for tanning, bigger coverage and more support for water activities like swimming or surfing, and pieces that can be worn in and out of the beach. When wearing an ARUN piece, you don’t only want to show it off at the beach or by the pool – combine your favorite swimsuit with one of our kimonos or a simple pair of shorts and you’re ready to go!

After opening our first two shops, located in Padang-Padang and Canggu beach in the island of Bali, we are proud to say that ARUN is now ready to be shipped to you wherever you are!

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